General Hand Tools

The tools of every Tech's Dream


HSG325 Soft Grip Professional Hacksaw

HSG319 Bi Mold Soft Grip Handle Hacksaw

HS5A Miniature Hacksaw

HS151 Junior Frame Hacksaw

HSM632 5-Pack 6" Replacement Blades

HS50 Quick Cutter Hand Saw

HSKIT Handsaw Kit

Hacksaw Blades

PRN75SFS Folding Pruning Saw

SEK76LMN Series Specialty Knives

SEK86MGN Series Specialty Knives

SEK45 Series Specialty Knives

SEK60MMK Series Specialty Knives

KER1600SO Logo Chive Plain Blade Knife

KER1620RDSO Scallion Straight Blade Knife

KER1660CBSO Composite Straight Edge Blade Knife

KER1660CKTSO Straight Edge Blade Knife

Specialty Knives

SO88 Series Specialty Knives

SMT97R Snap-on® Multi-Tool

SO84 Series Specialty Knives

SEKG94MPK Series Specialty Knives

SEKG94-SH Nylon Sheath

SO86 Series Specialty Knives

Lock Liner Knives

Lock Back Knives

KER1670TBLKT Lock Back Blur Black Tanto Serrated

KER1660SWBKS Lockback Kershaw® Stonewash Leek

KER1670RDBTS Lock Back Blur Red/Black Serrated

UTK100 Retractable Utility Knife

UTK100SB Auto Retractable Utility Knife

UKBU10 Double Pointed Utility Knife Blades

UKBU50PK 50 pk Double Pointed Blades

UTK150 Auto Loading Utility Knife

SCKS1 Carbide Knife Sharpener

Bastard Cut Individual Files

Miniature Files/Ergonomic Handle Set

Swiss Pattern Needle Files

Three Square Files

Chain Saw Files

Multi-Cut Flat File

Soft Grip Handles

PKN90 Non-Marring Large Scraper

PKNG90 Glass/Acrylic Large Scraper

Striking Scraper Set

PKNC125C2 Dual Bevel Striking Scraper

Non-Marring Scrapers Set

Rigid Carbon Scrapers

Non-Marring Tools Set

TC15A Ratcheting Tube Cutter

FSPPRK Porcelain Extractor Set

FSPK Spark Plug Extractors

HB5PK Spark Plug File Set

YA6845 Spark Plug Boot Remover

3/8" Drive Double Swivel Universal

3/8" Drive Flexible Extensions

Universal Spark Plug Socket

Ball Joint Swivel

Magnetic Spark Plug Socket

Retention Spark Plug Socket

Extra Deep Spark Plug Socket

S9723 Offset Spark Plug Socket

S9704RHS Low-Profile Spark Plug Socket

S9724RHS Low-Profile Spark Plug Socket

OGS1528 Spark Plug Socket 1/2 Drive

Standard Spark Plug Socket, Inches

S9714MKDFUA 14 mm 12pt Spark Plug Sockets

Standard Spark Plug Socket, MM

RTD48 Master Rethreading Tap and Die Set

TR21A US External Thread Chaser Set

Rethreading Set RD8 Spindle Rethreading Set

RD8LT Light Truck Spindle Rethreading Set

RD20 Master Spindle Rethreading Set

Metric Spark Plug Hole Taps

Thread Pitch Gauges

TDTDM117A Master Tap and Die Set

TD9902B SAE Tap and Die Set

TD2425 US Tap and Die Set

TMA34 Metric Tap Set

TDLH139 Left Hand Thread Tap and Die Set

Self-Aligning Taps, SAE

Self-Aligning Taps, Metric

Self-Aligning Dies, SAE

Self-Aligning Dies, Metric

TDRSET Tap and Die Drive Tool Set

TAMA141 SAE/Metric Plug Tap Set

Bottoming Taps

Adjustable Tap Sockets

Plug Taps

Plug Dies

EXDMS48 Master Extractor Set

EXD35 Master Extractor Set

EXD10 Right Hand Extractor Set

EXDL10 Left Hand Extractor Set

Multispline Extractors

Hex Head Fastener Extractors

BEXD Deep Well Extractors

SR40K Tapered Bit Extractor Set

A50A Stud Remover

A36A Stud Remover

A80A Stud Remover

LA55A Stud Remover

LA54 Stud Remover

Spiral Flute Screw Extractors

Straight Screw Extractors

Stud Remover Set Components

Stud Remover Components Set

MSKMA10 Stud Kit

Dowel Pin Puller Sets Components

Pipe Nipple Remover Set Components

Serrated Collets

CJ83C Pulley and Gear Puller

CJ82B Pitman Arm Pulley

CJ80A A/C Pulley Puller

CJ85A Truck Differential Side Bearing Puller

CJ81D Differential Side Bearing Puller

CJ2000SB Master Interchangeable Puller Set

CJ2002 Gear Puller Set

CJ2004 Puller Set

CJ2003A Rear Axle Puller Set

CJ2005 Master Interchangeable Puller Set

CJ83-9 Pressure Screw

CJ2001P Bolt Grip Puller Set

CJ93B Puller Set with Small Slide Hammer

CG60GB Tapped Hole Puller Set

A78 Small Bearing Puller

CJ134 Tilt Steering Pivot Pin Puller

CG95B Steering Wheel Lock Plate Remover

CJ145 GM® Steering Wheel Puller

CJ131P Lock Plate Depressor Set

CJ146 Crankshaft Harmonic Balancer Kit

CJ117C Power Steering and Alternator Pulley Puller

CJ3PSA Installation Set

CJ124A Power Steering and Alternator Pulley Puller

CJ147A Gear Lower Pinion Bearing Puller

CJ122 Power Steering Pulley Installer Set

CJ138 Installer, Pulley, M8 x 1.25

CJ113B Pulley Installer

CJ119B Puller, Pitman Arm

PAR1188 Heavy Duty Pitman Arm Puller

YA6880 Low-Profile Pitman Arm Puller

PAR1490 Sheppard Pitman Arm Puller

CG2400B Manual Light Duty Puller Set

Light Duty Builds Pullers

Medium Duty Pullers

Heavy Duty Builds Pullers Set

CG2510BSBHY Heavy Duty Puller Set

2-ton Capacity (1.8 t), 2 Jaw

6-ton Capacity (5.4 t), 2-Jaw

10-ton Capacity (9.1 t), 2-Jaw

2-1/2-ton Capacity (2.3 t), 3-Jaw

6-ton Capacity (5.4 t), 3-Jaw

7-1/2-ton Capacity (6.8 t), 3-Jaw

12-1/2-ton Capacity (11.3 t), 3-Jaw

CG1 Pulling Plate

CG70 Flat Point Set

2-ton Capacity (1.8 t) – 1-1/16 lb Hammer

6-ton Capacity (5.4 t) – 2-1/8 lb Hammer

10-ton Capacity (9.1 t) – 3-1/2 lb Hammer

2-1/2-ton Capacity (2.3 t) – 1-1/16 lb Hammer

7-1/2-ton Capacity (6.8 t) – 2-1/8 lb Hammer

12-1/2-ton Capacity (11.3 t) – 3-1/2 lb Hammer

CG1038KA Industrial Puller Set

Pump and Ram Set Components

CG222 4-Ton Hydraulic Pump and Ram Set

CG122 10-Ton Hydraulic Pump and Ram Set

CG652 6-Ton Hydraulic Pump and Ram Set

CG420A 20-Ton Hydraulic Pump and Ram Set

CG6223 Hydraulic Conversion Power Kit

CG1224 10-Ton Hydraulic Conversion Kit

Heavy Duty Hydraulic Jaw

10-ton Capacity (9.1 t) Jaw Model

20-ton Capacity (18.1 t) Combination Jaw

50-ton Capacity (45.36 t) Combination Jaw

6-ton Capacity (5.41 t), Tapped Hole

6-ton Capacity (5.4 t), Push-Pull

10-ton Capacity (9.1 t), Push-Pull

10-ton Capacity (9.1 t), Hydraulic Set

20-ton Capacity (18.1 t), Hydraulic Sets

Bearing Separators

CG455 Male Adaptor Set

CG455A Female Adaptor Set

CG40CB Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set

CG45 Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set

CG2545AB Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set

CG46 Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set

CG47 Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set

CUMDS24V Valve Diesel Set

CUMDS12V Valve Diesel Set

CG80HYA Hydraulic Wet Sleeve Puller

Wet Sleeve Puller

M1324 Pulley Installer

CJ83C Pulley Installers and Pullers

Torque Adapter Set

Compression Adaptors

Fuel Line Tools

Air Compressor Fuel Pump Wrenches

Valve Adjusting Wrenches

CJ125A Injector Puller

CJ140 Diesel Injector Puller Set

CJ140-1 Slide Hammer Injector Puller

CJ141 Diesel Injector Puller Adaptor

CJ142 M14 Diesel Injector Puller Adaptor

CJ143 8 mm Diesel Injector Puller

CJ144 15 mm Diesel Injector Puller

B4400A Starter Bolt Wrench

CJ158 Fuel Rail Plug

FDT1116 Fuel Line Disconnect Tool Set

FDT11 Angled Fuel Disconnect Tool

FDT11STR Straight Fuel Disconnect Tool

SP7882 6 pc Diesel Injector Height Gauge Set

Governor Gap Wrenches

WSW3 Fuel Filter Water Sensor Wrench

Push Rod Wrenches

M3525A 1/2" Drive Spanner Socket

M3503B 3/8" Drive Fuel Line Nut Socket

S6200 Bearing Cap Bolt Impact Socket

Drive Fuel Line Socket /2"

SRD6 Belt Tensioner Release Tool

S6196KR Ford® ICP Sensor Socket

FGPT Glow Plug Harness Tool

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) Tools

Quick Couplers

PSWT10K Power Stroke® Diesel Turbo Wrench for Ford

S6210 Diesel Turbo Inlet Pipe Socket

TAP1225 Turbo Vane Actuator Puller

Injector Hold Down Fastener Tools

Injector Line Sockets

SWR3 Water Sensor Socket

S3624 Filter Flip Socket

A129 Diesel Fuel Filter Socket

OFSKIT Oil/Fuel Filter Socket Set

FRP1215 Fuel Rail Pressure Sensor Wrench

IPK1170 Injector Puller Kit

IPK1220 Injector Puller Kit

IPK1330 Injector Puller kit

IPK1400 Injector Puller kit

Metric Injector Sockets

S6160 Extra Long Head Bolt Socket

S6194 Head Bolt Socket

S6190A IPR Sensor Socket for Ford® Vehicles

S6260 Heavy-Duty Spicer® Drive Impact Socket

SHR20 Oil Galley Drain Plug Socket

S6197 Heavy Duty Driveline Impact Socket

S6199 U-bolt Impact Socket

S6217 Head Bolt Impact Socket

DW402C Dayton Lug Nut Impact Socket

S6216 Engines Head Bolt Impact Socket

S6218 Double Hex Socket

S6230 Impact Socket

SIML302 Impact Socket

SIMML343 Extra Long Metric Impact Socket

IM382CD Shallow Impact Socket

IMFDL242 Deep Thin Wall Impact Socket

IMSLE242A Inverted TORX Impact Socket

IPRD20 Low Profile Swivel Impact Socket

S6213 Strap Bolt Impact Socket

S6220 C15 Impact Socket

S6221 Fuel Injector Adaptor Impact Socket

S6224 Air Brake Chamber Impact Socket

S6314 Extra Long Impact Socket

S6412 Drive Train Bolt Socket

S6413 Heavy Duty Driveline Socket

S6624 Main Cap Bolt Socket

SIM462TW Deep Impact Socket

SIMM182 Deep Impact Socket

SIMML180 Extra Deep Impact Socket

Hose Clamp Socket Set

SRD35 Diesel Head Bolt Torque Adaptor

SRDM624 Torque Adaptor

BSA916 Slack Adjuster Wrench

HSA716 Slack Adjuster Wrench

S6205 Valve Adjuster Socket

S6206 Valve Adjuster Socket

HXD22 Motorcycle Wheel Socket

S9704RHS Low Profile Spark Plug Socket

NBAT1 Neck Bearing Adjustment Tool

HFTLRT Fuel Tank Lock Ring Tool

KAC1224TCA Motorcycle Gas Tank Cover

CYCLESET Motorcycle Tool Set

CPT110A VW® Transmission Drain Plug Socket

EEPV503 Motorcycle Compression Gauge Set

Wire Twisters

AVPW716 Aircraft Vacuum Pump Wrench

AFPW38 Aircraft Fuel Pump Wrench

AOFW2 Aviation Oil Filter Wrench

Aircraft Landing Gear Tools

IMTSX29 External MORTORQ Impact Socket

AHCS1 Aircraft Hose Clamp Socket

Torque Adaptors, mm (1/4" Drive)

ACP8 Robo Connector Plier

Generator Engine Sockets

Shallow Single Square Impact Sockets

APW10VLV Valve Persuader Wrench

ATSK3621 Hex to Square Adaptor

GADW10VLV Valve Persuader Wrench

Lag Screw Sockets

Track Bolt and Frog Bolt Sockets

N8913 Side Bearing Cage Socket

SIMDTSA402 Railroad Torque Socket

M4431B Car Yard Inspector Wrench

CG675HY 6 Ton Hydraulic Nut Splitter

NC52 Manual Nut Splitter

CG410HY Hydraulic Cable Cutter

CG420-2A Single Stage Hydraulic Pump