Snapon-General Hand Tools-CJ2004 Puller Set

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CJ2004 Puller Set

Interchangeable Puller Set

• Use on bearings, bearing races, gears, bushing retainers, etc.
• Builds any of 12 different pullers
• Two- and three-jaw capability with three sets of jaws
• All jaws reverse for inside and outside pulls
• Pulling capacity: (short jaws) 4-1/2 ton, (medium jaws) 6-1/2 ton, (large jaws) 8 ton

CJ105-10 Short Jaw to Control Pin
CJ105-6 Medium Jaw
CJ105-11 Long Jaw Pin
CJ105-7 Large Jaw
CJ105-12 Cross Bar
CJ66-15-3 Centering Point
CJ86-1 Yoke
CJ105A8 Three-Way Jaw Control
CJ105-3 Pressure Screw
CJ105A9 Two-Way Jaw Control
CJ105-1 Yoke
CJ105-5 Small Jaw