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Air Compressor Fuel Pump Wrenches

Cummins® Service Tools

M1328A Air Compressor/Fuel Pump Wrench
• Includes 5/8", 12-point box wrench on one end for servicing fuel pumps and a specially designed 11/16" open end for access to air compressor bolts

M1321 Air Compressor/Fuel Pump Wrench
• Similar to M1328A but has a 12-point box wrench on both ends
• Accommodates air compressor and fuel pump flange bolts on NH Series Inline 6 cylinder engines

M1329 Fuel Pump Wrench
• Includes 7/16", 12-point box end for servicing fuel pump bolts on NH series engines equipped with Cummins® air compressors
• 6-5/8" long

Country Of Origin  -  USA