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Light Duty Builds Pullers

General Purpose Interchangeable

• Easy to use: spring loaded locking mechanism allows the puller jaws to easily lock onto with work surface for both “Inside” and “Outside” pulling applications, reducing the puller slipping off the application—two-handed operation without the use of tools

• Interchangeability: reversible jaw design, two position yokes that accommodate multiple jaw lengths, and spring loaded mechanism allows quick changeover without the disassembly of the puller and without the need of nuts and bolts resulting in faster set-ups and fewer man-hours

• Strength and Durability: one-piece jaw construction that does not use pins or bolts, provides a stronger, safer jaw

• Power pressure screws have rolled threads and are heat treated for strength and durability

• Forged jaws and yokes are heat treated for max strength and durability

Stock No. Puller Type Maximum Reach, Inches (mm) Outside Spread, Inches Inside Spread, Inches
CG240 2-Jaw 2-1/2 (64) 0–3 7/8–3-1/4
CG240H 2-Jaw 2-1/2 (63) 0–3 7/8–3-1/4
CG240HL 2-Jaw 3-1/2 (88) 0–4 1–3-3/4
CG240L 2-Jaw 3-1/2 (89) 0–4 1–3-3/4
CG243 3-Jaw 2-1/2 (64) 0–3 7/8–3-1/4
CG243H 3-Jaw 2-1/2 (64) 0–3 7/8–3-1/4
CG243HL 3-Jaw 3-1/2 (89) 0–4 1–3-3/4
CG243L 3-Jaw 3-1/2 (89) 0–4 1–3-3/4