Heavy-duty power combined with untethered freedom – that’s what you get with Snap-on® cordless tools. The perfect solution for low, medium and high torque applications, they’re lightweight, comfortable and made with higher-grade materials inside and out for ultimate durability and longevity.

Our 18 V MonsterLithium batteries provide light weight and long usage, and contain high-grade lithium cells. As well as a built-in fuel gauge and a micro-controller that protects the motor from overheating. Our 14.4 V MicroLithium batteries charge in just 55 minutes, decreasing downtime considerably.

Impact Wrench Kit

CT8850 18 V Drive MonsterLithium Impact Wrench Kit

CT8810A Series 18 Volt Impact Wrench Kit

CT8815A Series 18 Volt Cordless Impact Wrench

CDR8850H Cordless Hammer Drill Kit

CDR8815 Series 18 Volt Compact Cordless Drill Kit

14.4 Volt MicroLithium Impact Wrenches

CTS761 Series 14.4 Volt Cordless Screwdriver Kit

14.4 V MicroLithium Cordless Reciprocating Saw Kit

14.4 V Microlithium Cordless Ratchets

CDR761B MicroLithium Cordless Drill Kit

CTPP761A 14.4 V MicroLithium Polishing/Prep Tool

CTLED8850 18 V MonsterLithium LED Work Light

CTLZ761 14.4 V MicroLithium Work Light

CTL761 Rechargeable Cordless Work Light

CTLU761 Cordless 60 LED Utility Light

CTLUH761 Cordless 90 LED Underhood Light

CTL8850 Cordless LED Floodlight

CTLUV761 Cordless UV Work Light

CTLAR761 Cordless 500 Lumen Angular Light

CTI8850 18 V Power Inverter

CTMS8850 18 V Cordless Memory Saver

CTC131 14.4 and 18 V Dual Charger

CTC123 14.4–18 V Multi-Bay Charger

CTUSB761 14.4 V MicroLithium USB Power Unit

CTUSB8850 Four Port USB Device Charger

CTB8185 18 V MonsterLithium Slide-on Battery

CTB8172BK 14.4 MicroLithium Battery

CTBA418 Slide on Battery Adaptor

CTEXTSET Quick Change Extensions Set

CTS561HOLSTR Holster Bit Set

CTS561CHUCK Quick Change Keyless Drill Chuck

CTEXT12 Quick Change Extension

CTEXT6 Quick Change Extension