Snapon-General Hand Tools-CG1038KA Industrial Puller Set

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CG1038KA Industrial Puller Set

Industrial Puller Sets

• Includes more than 35 basic pullers that will assemble into more than 165 puller combinations
• Standard pullers in this set have a range from 2–20-tons
• The hydraulic power components provide up to 20-tons of easy pulling power
• Optional 10 and 50-ton hydraulic accessories are available
• Components are mounted on (4) 24 x 32 x 3/4" tool control panels (labeled A, B, C and D) with white silhouettes
• The panels are mounted on KRA213E A-frame

CG1050KA Expanded Industrial Puller Set
• Includes CG1038KA industrial puller set and the CG1224 power kit for converting 10-ton manual pullers to hydraulic power; CG300-1, CG305-8 and CG350-1 pressure screws; CG343-1 4" plug; CG350-2 manual yoke for converting the 20-ton hydraulic pullers to manual power and CG555 basic hydraulic set for building a 50-ton hydraulic bar type puller
• Includes CG420-5C pressure gauge, CG420-6 gauge mounting adaptor, ten CG250-20 small centering adaptors and ten CG270-20 large centering adaptors

KRA213E A-Frame
• Mobile unit features 23,220 in3, 1,260 in2 of storage for convenient access and orderly storage
• Measures 26-1/2 x 52-3/8 x 32-3/8??