Snapon-General Hand Tools-MSKMA10 Stud Kit

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MSKMA10 Stud Kit

Extractor - Stud Remover

• Unique design allows the removal and installation of studs without damaging threads

• Split tapered collet design provides positive clamping

• Each stud size has one tool for removal and one tool for installation

• Removal tool does not damage threads

• Install tool allows stud to be installed and tensioned without thread damage

• Set supplements already available stud kit MSKM10

Stock No. Description MSKMA10
MSK-M12125N M12 x 1.25 Install Tool
MSK-M12125R M12 x 1.25 Remove Tool
MSK-M14125N M14 x 1.25 Install Tool
MSK-M14125R M14 x 1.25 Remove Tool
MSK-M1415N M14 x 1.5 Install Tool
MSK-M1415R M14 x 1.5 Remove Tool
MSK-M1620N M16 x 2.0 Install Tool
MSK-M1620R M16 x 2.0 Remove Tool
MSK-M1825N M18 x 2.5 Install Tool
MSK-M1825R M18 x 2.5 Remove Tool