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Self-Aligning Dies, Metric

Threading: Self-Aligning Taps And Dies

• Self-aligning dies feature Chip Breaking Technology (CBT) ensuring clean cuts in both directions
• Alignment plate design starts straight every time to reduce the chance of cross threading
• Roller threads provide greater thread quality, accuracy and cutting ease
• Made from high carbon steel
• Use die with the TDALDS1 die stock

Stock No. Die Type Thread Size
D020M 1w Double Hex Non-Adjustable 1/8"28 BSP
DSA4075M Double Hex M4 x .75
DSA407M Double Hex M4 x .70
DSA508M Double Hex M5 x .80
DSA509M Double Hex M5 x .90
DSA610M Double Hex M6 x 1.00
DSA710M Double Hex M7 x 1.00
DSA810M Double Hex M8 x 1.00
DSA812M Double Hex M8 x 1.25
DSA910M Double Hex M9 x 1.00
DSA912M Double Hex M9 x 1.25
DSA1012M Double Hex M10 x 1.25
DSA1015M Double Hex M10 x 1.50
DSA1115M Double Hex M11 x 1.50
DSA1212M Double Hex M12 x 1.25
DSA1217M Double Hex M12 x 1.75