Snapon-General Hand Tools-Miniature Files/Ergonomic Handle Set

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Miniature Files/Ergonomic Handle Set


• Ergonomic, two component, non-slip grip prevents the hand from slipping onto the file blade

• Soft, textured surface for excellent grip

• Perfect protection on the shoulder, tang of the file. Less probability of injury

• Symmetrical Handles, possible to use on the 2 sides with the same level of comfort

• Files have a hole for hanging

      SGFMN106 SGFMN106G SGFMN106O
Stock No. Color Description Red Green Orange
SGF4HR Red Half Round    
SGF4HRG Green Half Round    
SGF4HRO Orange Half Round    
SGF4MA Red Hand    
SGF4MAG Green Hand    
SGF4MAO Orange Hand    
SGF4R Red Round    
SGF4RG Green Round    
SGF4RO Orange Round    
SGF4SQ Red Square    
SGF4SQG Green Square    
SGF4SQO Orange Square    
SGF4T Red Triangular, Slim Taper    
SGF4TG Green Triangular, Slim Taper    
SGF4TO Orange Triangular, Slim Taper    
SGF4W Red Warding    
SGF4WG Green Warding    
SGF4WO Orange Warding