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Self-Aligning Dies, SAE

Threading: Self-Aligning Taps And Dies

• Self-aligning dies feature Chip Breaking Technology (CBT) ensuring clean cuts in both directions
• Alignment plate design starts straight every time to reduce the chance of cross threading
• Roller threads provide greater thread quality, accuracy and cutting ease
• Made from high carbon steel
• Use die with the TDALDS1 die stock

Stock No. Die Type Thread Size
D020 1" Double Hex Non-Adjustable 1/8"-27 NPT
DSA010 Double Hex 1/4"-20 NC
DSA011 Double Hex 5/16"-18 NC
DSA012 Double Hex 1/4"-20 NC
DSA013 Double Hex 7/16"-14 NC
DSA014 Double Hex 1/2"-13 NC
DSA015 Double Hex 1/4"-28 NF
DSA016 Double Hex 5/16"-24 NF
DSA017 Double Hex 3/8"-24 NF
DSA018 Double Hex 7/16"-20 NF
DSA019 Double Hex 1/2"-20
DSA021 Double Hex 4-40 Machine Screw
DSA022 Double Hex 6-32 Machine Screw
DSA023 Double Hex 8-32 Machine Screw
DSA024 Double Hex 10-24 Machine Screw
DSA025 Double Hex 10-32 Machine Screw
DSA026 Double Hex 12-24 Machine Screw