Snapon-General Hand Tools-SRD6 Belt Tensioner Release Tool

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SRD6 Belt Tensioner Release Tool

Belt Tensioning Tools

• 6" long adaptor with 1/2" male square
• The female triple square drive allows the user more flexibility to work around obstacles by coming in at different angles with a 1/2?? breaker bar
• Similar to Snap-on® 6?? torque adaptors but with a male square
• If using with a torque wrench, please refer to Snap-on® part # SS306G Torque Chart for formula to obtain the correct applied torque
• Heavy Duty Applications: For serpentine belt tensioners with a 1/2" square drive opening found on Series 60 Detroit Diesel® and Caterpillar® engines
• Other heavy duty applications include buses and delivery vans where the doghouse or engine shrouding can get in the way and make the work area very tight
• Automotive Applications: 1/2" serpentine belt tensioners on Dodge®/Chrysler® vehicles (2.0 L and 3.0 L engines) Ford® vehicles Lincoln® and Mercury® vehicles (2.3 L, 3.0 L, 4.2 L and 4.6 L engines) GM® vehicles (2.5 L, 4.7 L, 5.0 L and 5.7 L engines)

Country Of Origin  -  USA