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Self-Aligning Taps, SAE

Threading: Self-Aligning Taps And Dies

• Self-aligning taps feature chip breaking technology (CBT) allowing the cutting edge to cut, break and chip cleaner
• Up to 30% easier to break chips
• Self-aligning taps come with an alignment chamfer that allows the tap to start straight every time, ensuring straight threads and less chance of cross threading
• Increased flute taper increases tap durability up to 20%
• Plug chamfer style for general purpose threading
• High carbon steel is ideal for hand tapping applications

Stock No. Thread Size
T110 1/8"-27 NPT
TSA111 4-40 Machine Screw
TSA112 6-32 Machine Screw
TSA113 8-32 Machine Screw
TSA114 10-24 Machine Screw
TSA115 10-32 Machine Screw
TSA116 12-24 Machine Screw
TSA100 1/4"-20 NC
TSA105 1/4"-28 NF
TSA101 5/16"-18 NC
TSA106 5/16"-24 NF
TSA102 3/8"-16 NC
TSA107 3/8"-24 NF
TSA103 7/16"-14 NC
TSA108 7/16"-20 NF
TSA104 1/2"-13 NC
TSA109 1/2"-20 NF