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Generator Engine Sockets

Oil And Gas Service Tools

• Socket is used in the Oil and Gas Industries to adjust valves on large generator engines
• Removes cover bolts and adjusts valves on Waukesha® VHP® series engines
• Sockets are used with a XO2830 7/8–15/16" standard length deep 60° offset wrench
• The offset on the wrench protects the use’s hand during valve adjustment
• A retaining ring holds the socket onto the XO2830 wrench
• It holds it on the 7/8" part of the wrench as the sockets have a 7/8" male hex
• Retaining ring part number is ME7A87
• Manufactured from special alloy steel, precision forged and heat treated for optimum strength and durability
• Flank Drive® wrenching system grips fastener on the flanks/flat prevents fastener from rounding

Inches 12 External Hex, inches
 3/4  OG2824   7/8
 7/8 OG2828  7/8