Snapon-General Hand Tools-TMA34 Metric Tap Set

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TMA34 Metric Tap Set

Threading Tap and Die Sets

• 34 pc set features popular metric taps from 3–18 mm sizes
• Precision ground flutes ensure accurate threading
• High carbon steel ensures less breakage
• Tap adaptors turn any 3/8" socket drive into a tap driver

Stock No. Thread Size Stock No. Thread Size Stock No. Thread Size
T305M M3 x .50 T910M M9 x 1.00 T1420M M14 x 2.00
T306M M3 x .60 T912M M9 x 1.25 T1610M M16 x 1.00
T4075M M4 x .75 T1010M M10 x 1.00 T1615M M16 x 1.50
T407M M4 x .70 T1012M M10 x 1.25 T1620M M16 x 2.00
T508M M5 x .80 T1015M M10 x 1.50 T18150 M18 x 1.50
T509M M5 x .90 T1115M M11 x 1.50 T1815M M18 x 1.50
T610M M6 x 1.00 T1212M M12 x 1.25 T1825M M18 x 2.50
T6310M M6.33 x 1 T1215M M12 x 1.50 TDM100 Metric Thread, Pitch Gauge
T710M M7 x 1.00 T1217M M12 x 1.75 ATSS Adj. Tap Socket, 3–6 mm (3/8" Drive)
T810M M8 x 1.00 T14125 M14 x 1.25
T812M M8 x 1.25 T1412M M14 x 1.25 ATSL Adj. Tap Socket, 6–12 mm (3/8" Drive)
T9075M M9 x .75 T1415M M14 x 1.50