The first of Blue-Point wrenches were designed to be unbreakable at its head, unable to spread its jaws or bend its handle, and cannot injure them nor destroy their everlasting efficiency. While most of our wrenches have evolved and improved with time, these core philosophies to quality are observed till today in our design.

Our ratcheting wrench uses gears with higher number of teeth so that you need less swings to tighten and loosen a fastener. In short, you work less to get each job done.

We kept the thickness of the jaws to the minimal without losing its required strength. This allows our wrench to reach better into constricted openings for any tightening or loosening task.

Flexible head is also incorporated into some designs to accommodate awkward working angles.

The ends of our wrench are set in an optimal angle so that you can flip it to get the best working angle.