Snapon-General Hand Tools-Stud Remover Components Set

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Stud Remover Components Set

Extractor - Stud Remover

• Tools reduce chance of damage to stud threads
• Avoid bottoming or shouldering studs to avoid shearing or damaging stud or workpiece

Stock No. Collet Size Housing Stock No. CG5151 CG5152 CG5153 CG515B CGM515B CG500 CG505 CG500H
CG500-8 3/8"-24 CG500-2              
CG500-10 7/16"-20 CG500-2              
CG500-12 1/2"-20 CG500-2              
CG508-12 1-1/2"-8 CG508              
CG500-30 M6-1.00 CG500-2          
CG500-33 M7-1.00 CG50x0-2          
CG500-36 M8-1.00 CG500-2          
CG500-37 M8-1.25 CG500-2          
CG500-39 M9-1.00 CG500-2          
CG500-40 M9-1.25 CG500-2          
CG500-42 M10-1.25 CG500-2          
CG500-43 M10-1.50 CG500-2          
CG500-48 M12-1.25 CG500-2          
CG500-49 M12-1.50 CG500-2          
CG500-54 M14-1.50 CG500-2          
CG500-55 M14-2.00 CG500-2          
CG500-60 M16-1.50 CG500-2          
CG500-61 M16-2.00 CG500-2              
CG505-1 Housing CG500-2              
CG508 Housing CG500-2                
CG10F Cross Bar CG500-2          
CG250-8A Slide Screw, 5/8"-18 UNF x 18-9/16" CG500-2          
CG250-9 Slide Hammer, 2 lb CG500-2          
CG5151-1 Storage Case