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Wire Twisters

Wire Twister/Cutters

Cushion throat wire twisters feature a polyurethane filler that is bonded into the tool’s cutter head to help prevent flying wire bits. A special undercut design helps maintain cutting edges and increases tool durability. Ideal for assembly line applications

Stock No. Description (Chart) Overall Length, inches Wire Capacity, inches Wire Retainer
RWTP6 Reversible Wire Twister/Cutters  8-1/2 .020-.041 No
RWTP9 Reversible Wire Twister/Cutters  10-1/2 .020-.051 No
GA311C Wide range of applications  10-1/2 .060 No
PR311  Similar to GA311C, but not spring loaded. Right hand only with manual return.  10-1/2 .060 No
WT11B Small size for use in tight quarters  8-1/2 0.041 No
WTR1A Reversible Wire Twister/Cutters  8-3/4 0.041 No
WTRW6A Reversible Wire Twister/Cutters  8-3/4 0.041 Yes
WTS6 Reversible Wire Twister  8-3/4 0.041 Yes
WTG8 Reversible Wire Twister 8 .015-.031 No
WTG10 Reversible Wire Twister 10 .024-.047 No