3/8" Drive Tools

Performance-driven Drive Tools

Dual 80® Technology Ratchets

Dual 80® Technology Soft Grip Handle, Chrome

Dual 80® Technology Compact Head

Quick Release Ratchets

Low-Profile Ratchets

FOD Ratchet (Foreign Object Damage )

Breaker Bars

Spline Sockets

General Service Sets

Round Head, chrome

HI-LOK® Fastener Ratchets

Specialty Ratchets

Ratchet Spinners

Drive Handle

Knurled Extension

Extensions Locking, chrome

Extensions Wobble, chrome

Extensions Wobble Plus, chrome

Extensions Locking Wobble

Extension Connectors

Magnetic Adaptors

Hex To Square Adaptors

Universal Joints, chrome

Non-marring Metric Socket Inserts

Shallow, mm, chrome Socket Set

Shallow, inches, chrome Socket Set

Semi Deep, mm, chrome Socket Set

Semi Deep, inch, chrome Socket Set

Deep, mm, chrome Socket Set

Extra Long Inches Socket

Shallow Deep inches, chrome Socket Set

Deep Inches chrome Socket Set

Low Profile Socket Sets, mm (3/8)

Low Profile Socket Sets, inches (3/8)

Shallow, MM Universal Sockets (3/8)

Shallow, Inches Universal Sockets (3/8)

Deep, MM Universal Sockets (3/8)

Deep, Inches Universal Sockets (3/8)

Low Profile Inverted TORX (3/8)

Shallow TORX®, chrome (3/8)

TORX Plus, chrome (3/8)

Shallow TORX® with Countersink

Long TORX, chrome

Deep TORX Socket

TORX Plus® with Countersink

Universal TORX chrome (3/8)

Shallow, inches, chrome Socket

Deep, Inches, chrome Socket

Shallow Universal Spline Socket

Double Square Socket

Flank Drive® Flare Nut Socket, MM

Flank Drive® Pentagon Socket

Flank Drive® Flare Nut Socket, Inches

Drag Link, industrial

Weatherhead® Socket

Pipe Plug Socket

Pipe Plug Socket Set

Swivel Ball Extension Sockets, mm, Industrial

Torque Adaptor Set

Spline Low Profile Adaptor (Inches)

Spline Adaptor (Inches)

TORX Standard Industrial Socket Set (3/8")

TORX®Long, chrome (3/8")

TORX® Stubby, chrome (3/8")

TORX Heavy Duty Removal, chrome (3/8")

TORX Tamper Resistant, chrome (3/8")

TORX Plus Tamper Resistant, Chrome (3/8")

TORX Special Application, Chrome (3/8")

TORX Plus Chrome (3/8")

Hex Standard Socket Set (3/8")

Hex Long, MM Socket Driver Set (3/8")

Hex Stubby, MM Socket (3/8")

Ball Hex Standard, mm, Socket

Ball Hex Long, MM Socket Set (3/8")

Double Hex Standard, MM Socket (3/8")

Hex Standard, Inches Socket Set (3/8")

Hex Stubby, Inches, Socket (3/8")

Long Hex Bit Socket Driver Set (3/8")

Ball Hex Long Bit Socket Set (3/8")

Ball Hex Standard Socket Set (3/8")

Triple Square Bit Socket

Special Application Bit Sockets (3/8")

Flat Tip Bit Socket (3/8")

Phillips® Tip Bit Sockets

Pozidriv® And Clutch Bit Sockets

208EPIT Set

PIT2230E Set.

Impact Extensions (3/8")

Locking Extensions (3/8")

Locking Extension Adaptors (3/8")

Universal Joint Impact (3/8")

Swivel Extensions (3/8")

Shallow Impact Socket Set, MM (3/8")

Shallow Impact Socket Set, Inches (3/8")

Semi Deep Impact Socket Set, MM (3/8")

Semi-Deep Inches Socket Set (3/8")

Deep, MM Socket Set (3/8")

Deep, Inches Socket Set (3/8")

Shallow, MM Swivel Impact Socket Set (3/8")

Shallow, Inches Swivel Impact Socket Set (3/8")

Semi-Deep, MM Impact Swivel Socket Set (3/8")

Low Profile Swivel Impact Socket Set (3/8")

Deep Swivel Impact Socket (3/8")

Wing Nut Socket (3/8")

Shallow TORX, Impact Socket Set (3/8")

Mortorq® Super Socket (3/8")

Twist Shallow Impact Socket Set (3/8")

Twist, Deep Impact Socket Set (3/8")

Shallow, 10 pt. Impact Socket (3/8")

Locking Button Extensions (3/8")

Universal Joints (3/8")

Adaptors (3/8")

Hex To Square Adaptors (3/8")

TORX Standard Industrial Socket (3/8")

Hex Standard, MM, Industrial (3/8')

Hex Standard Inches, Industrial (3/8")

Shallow Magnetic, MM, Industrial (3/8")

Shallow Magnetic, Inches, Industrial (3/8")

Deep Magnetic Spring Loaded, MM, Industrial (3/8")

Deep, MM, Natural (3/8")

Surface Drive (M-Series) (3/8")

206AFSP Handle Set

218AFSP Socket Set


222AFSP SAE Shallow Deep Combination Socket Set

218AFP Socket Set

248F Socket Set

292F Socket Set

STARTERSET3 Metric Starter Set

STARTERSET5 Metric Starter Set

222AFSMP Socket Set

262MFB Socket Set