Snapon-General Hand Tools-CJ2003A Rear Axle Puller Set

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CJ2003A Rear Axle Puller Set

Rear Axle Puller Set

• Slide hammer power pulls many flange type rear axles as well as axle bearings
• Set contains CJ123-1 Axle Yoke, ME4A8 Lock Nut (3/4"), CJ127A Bearing Adaptor, CJ66-19 Bearing Hook and CJ128A Bearing Adaptor

CJ105-4B Slide Screw
CJ137 Bearing Adaptor
CJ97-3A 3-3/4 lb Slide Hammer
CJ123-1 Axle Yoke
ME4A8 Lock Nut (3/4")
CJ127A Bearing Adaptor
CJ66-19 Bearing Hook
CJ128A Bearing Adaptor