Snapon-General Hand Tools-Magnetic Spark Plug Socket

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Magnetic Spark Plug Socket

Flank DriveĀ® Spark Plug Sockets

• Spark plug extends through the socket for access in tight quarters

• Snap-on® sockets using the Flank Drive® wrenching system grip the fastener on the flanks/flats which deliver 15–25% more turning power

• Magnetic retention offers smooth release and will not wear out

• Side through hole for secure extension retention

• Manufactured from the highest quality proprietary steel, providing optimum strength and durability

• Nickel-chrome plating helps protect against corrosion and makes it easy to wipe clean

• Knurled surface for finger tightening and removal

• Spark plug socket is cold-formed for extended tool life

# 6 B C
9/16 S9716KLMAG 25/32 5-7/8
5/8 S9706KMAG 11/16 2-19/32
13/16 S9704KMAG 11/16 2-11/16
14 S9714MKMAG 19.6 57.2