Snapon-General Hand Tools-CG46 Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set

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CG46 Blind Hole Bearing Puller Set

Pullers: Blind Hole Bearing

• Includes (3) collets, slide screw, slide hammer and expanding rod
• For large size blind hole bearings, Torrington® needle bearings, heavy-duty bearings on live center lathes, conveyor belts and rollers

Stock No. Description
Internal Thread Size External Thread Size
CG46-1 1"-14 x 18w Slide Screw
CG46-2 6 lb Slide Hammer
CG46-3 Expanding Rod  1-14   1-1/8-12
CG46-4 1 5/8-2" (Uses CG46-4 Expanding Rod) Collet
CG46-5 2-2-1/2" (Uses CG46-4 Expanding Rod) Collet
CG46-6 2 1/2-3" (Uses CG46-4 Expanding Rod) Collet