Snapon-General Hand Tools-RD20 Master Spindle Rethreading Set

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RD20 Master Spindle Rethreading Set

Thread Restoring Special Purpose

• Repair and renew damaged threads on stub axles and spindles for most vehicles
• Dies are manufactured from high tempered steel for strength and durability
• Each die size is embossed in the case directly below each die for easy identification and selection
• Six point hex used with socket or wrench
• Application chart included
• Includes storage case

Stock No. Rethreading Die Size RD20
RD7-1  M24 x 1.5
RD7-2  M24 x 2
RD7-3  M22 x 1
RD7-4  M22 x 1.5
RD7-5  M20 x 1.5
RD7-6  3/4"-20 UNEF
RD7-7  13/16"-20 UNF
RD7-9  M20 x 1.25
RD7-10  3/4"-16 UNF
RD7-11  7/8"-14 UNF
RD7-12  1"-14 UNF
RD7-13  11/16"-24 UNEF
RD7-14  M25-1.5
RD7-15  M27-2
RD7-16  27/32"-20 UNEF
RD7-17  M16-1
RD7-18  M16-1.5
RD7-19  M18-1.5
RD7-20  M19-1.5
RD7-21  M20-1
RD7-22  Storage Case