Snapon-General Hand Tools-Non-Marring Tools Set

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Non-Marring Tools Set

Scrapers/Putty Knives

• Unique selection of tip profiles for numerous prying, scraping, aligning, cutting and shielding applications

• Tough glass-reinforced nylon offers excellent strength yet will not damage soft automotive interior components or painted surfaces

• Lightweight and resistant to most automotive fluids

• Features a block end that allows use with a hammer

• Includes a cloth kit bag to organize and store tools

• Intended for general automotive use

• Do not use on surfaces such as glass or clear acrylics

• Intended for general automotive use

Stock No. Description PPK300 PSN500
PBN10 90° L Non-Marring Scraper    •
PBN11 Narrow Wedge Non-Marring Scraper    •
PBN12 Curve Cup Non-Marring Pry Tool    •
PBN14 Narrow Point Non-Marring Scraper    •
PKN7 Curve Tube Blade Non-Marring Scraper    •
PKN9 3 mm Narrow Scraper  •  
PPK15 Non-Marring Pick  •  
PPK20 Small Non-Marring Hook  •  
PPK25 Large Non-Marring Hook  •