Snapon-General Hand Tools-Non-Marring Scrapers Set

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Non-Marring Scrapers Set

Scrapers/Putty Knives

• Tips are matched for most popular applications including badge/emblem/decal removal, gasket and molding removal, adhesive removal and dirt and debris
removal or cleaning
• Glass reinforced nylon provides strength
• Lightweight and resistant to most automotive fluids
• Useable with hammers (block end/tap into position)
• Avoids scratching or gouging of soft materials

      PKN500 PSN500
Stock No. Blade Style Blade Width, Inches Scrapers Scrapers
PKN1 Straight Blade  7/8  •  
PKN2 Straight Blade  1-1/4  •  
PKN3 Curved Blade  1-1/8  •  
PKN4 Angle Blade  3/4  •  
PKN5 Curved Blade  5/8  •  
PBN7 Non-Marring 6-3/4" Flat Fork Prybar  6-3/4    •
PBN10 90° L Non-Marring Scraper  —    •
PBN11 90° L Non-Marring Scraper  —    •
PBN12 Curve Cup Non-Marring Pry Tool  —    •
PBN14 Narrow Point Non-Marring Scraper  —    •
Kit Bag     C0100 C0100