Snapon-General Hand Tools-20-ton Capacity (18.1 t), Hydraulic Sets

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20-ton Capacity (18.1 t), Hydraulic Sets

Bar-Type Hydraulic/Manual Sets

• Included with hydraulic ram

Stock No. Maximum Reach, Inches (mm) Maximum Spread, Inches (mm) Pressure Screw  Size, inches Pressure Screw Adaptor Side Rods Inches Side Rod Adaptors Inches
CG450HYA Hydraulic Set 24 (610) 6-15 (152-381) 1-1/8-8 x 20-1/2 7/8-14 x 20, 7/8-14 x 10 7/8-14f x 7/8-14m, 7/8-14f x 5/8-18m
CG450 CG450HY Set less the hydraulic components
CG350 Manually operated version of the CG450