Snapon-General Hand Tools-CJ85A Truck Differential Side Bearing Puller

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CJ85A Truck Differential Side Bearing Puller

Bar Type Interchangeable Pullers

• Similar in appearance to CJ81D but bigger for handling truck applications
• Four centering plates included
• Nominal capacity is 7-1/2 tons

Specifications CJ85A
Nominal Capacity, tons 7.5
Maximum Reach, inches  1-3/4
Maximum Spread, inches  5-1/2
Pressure Screw Size, inches 3/4-16 x 4-1/4
Optional Jaws D1, D2, D3, D5
Optional Points C2
Optional Pressure Screws B1, B3
A  Yoke A3
B, Pressure Screw B2
C Point C1
D Jaws (2) D4
E  Clamp Bolt E3
F  Washers (2) F1
G  Clamp Nuts (2) G1
H  Jaw Pins (2) H1
J  Adaptors J2
K Studs (2)