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Torque Comparators

• Mounting Bracket

• PC Cable

• Socket Adaptor

• Square Drive Reducer

• Torque Comparator


Stock No. Description
TTC3421 Mounting Bracket
TTC3422 Mounting Bracket
TTC501 PC Cable
TTC75006 Torque Screwdriver Testing Kit (for VERSATEST600 Loader System)
260-27 Socket Adaptor
342-40 Socket Adaptor
342-41-1S Socket Adaptor
342-41-2 Socket Adaptor
65-26-2 Socket Adaptor
65-78-1 Socket Adaptor
65-78-2 Socket Adaptor
75-25-1 Socket Adaptor
75-20 Socket Adaptor 
2000-152-3 Square Drive Reducer
2000-226-3 Square Drive Reducer
2000-226-2 Square Drive Reducer
2000-0154-18 Square Drive Reducer
TTC501 PC Cable
TTC25002 Calibration Stand Kit
TTC75002 Torque Screwdriver Testing Kit (for 2800 and 2000 Series Systems)
TTC5500-1 Extension Arm
QCDTC3250 Electronic Torque Digital Checker - 1/2w and 3/8w
TCR175 Torque Comparator
TCR600 Torque Comparator