Snapon-Torque-Pre-Set Torque Wrench Body

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Pre-Set Torque Wrench Body

Interchangeable Heads

• Interchangeable heads permit ratcheting, fixed, or open end torquing capability with adjustable torque wrench bodies

• A push of the locking pin provides quick-change action, with a wide range of head styles to choose from

• Selection: there are two adjustable models for quickly setting desired torque

• Slim-profile: each torque body is thin enough and long enough to get into tight areas

• Micrometer-type adjustment ensures fast, accurate settings and changes

• All QC series interchangeable torque wrenches are accurate ±4% clockwise and ±6% counterclockwise from 20-100% of full scale

Stock No. Model Type Shank Diameter Range Length, Inches
QC1P60 Preset J (0.425w) 10-60 in-lb (1.1-6.8 N•m) 6
QC1P100 Preset J (0.425w) 15-100 in-lb (1.7-11.3 N•m) 8
QC1P300 Preset J (0.425w) 60-300 in-lb (6.8-33.9 N•m) 10
QC2P75 Preset J (0.425w) 5-75 ft-lb (7-100 N•m) 11
QC3P150 Preset Y (0.560w) 30-150 ft-lb (41-203 N•m) 23
QC3P200 Preset Y (0.560w) 40-200 ft-lb (55-270 N•m) 23
QC4P300 Preset X (0.735w) 60-300 ft-lb (82-400 N•m) 27