Snapon-Torque-Adjustable Limiting Driver

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Adjustable Limiting Driver

US Preset Limiting Driver

QTS135 Adjustable Limiting Driver
• Micrometer type adjustment
• Clutch allows 25° of free rotation on reachingset torque
• Guaranteed accuracy: within ±4% of setting from 20% of capacity to full capacity clockwise and counterclockwise

QTSP135 US Preset Limiting Driver
• Clutch mechanism to help prevent over torquing by allowing free rotation upon reaching the set torque value
• Ideal selection for assembly line work where the same requirement is constant
• Can be reset at different torque values or readjusted for accuracy whenever necessary with a torque tester
• Torque limit is pre-set at the factory so user should
specify the desired torque limit when ordering

Stock No. Range, minimum Range, maximum Increments Length, inches
QTS135 5 in-lb 35 in-lb 0.5 in-lb 7
QTSP135 5 in-lb 35 in-lb 0.5 in-lb  7-1/2