Snapon-Torque-Master Torque Calibration System (Manual)

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Master Torque Calibration System (Manual)

Electronic Torque Tester And Calibrator

The system tests and calibrates most click-type, digital, dial torque wrenches as well as torque screwdrivers. Twelve transducers are available in ranges from 5 in-oz to 2,000 ft-lb. Also available is the 4-in-1 Transducer, with a range of 5 in-lb to 250 ft-lb. All transducers feature a built-in memory chip that identifies the transducer and maintains the calibration. Set up and calibration programming is entered via soft touch keys. The TTC2000 can store and recall up to 3,000 torque readings. Torque readings stored in memory can be downloaded to a computer with optional download cable and software. Optional kits are available to calibrate cable tensionmeters, tension and compression gauges and nonimpact power tools.

Description Electronic Manual Torque Tester/Calibrator
Capacity 8 digits ±32,000 counts (16 bit A/D)
Accuracy* ±0.25% of reading at 25 °C (with TTC Transducer calibration)
Temperature Drift +0.03% / °C (+0.017% / °F)
Maximum Range Display 2-line x 16 character 5 x 8 dot-matrix LCD used for MAX. Transducer range, Units, Angle, Calibration, Date/Time, Statistics, Torque/Force or Torque/Angle Limits Set, Data Store/ Recall, Printer Set Up
Modes   Track, Peak Hold, First Peak, Power Tool
Operating Temperature 10–32 °C (50–90 °F)
 Storage Temperature  -20–50 °C (-2–122 °F)
Humidity Up to 90% non-condensing
Power Supply UL Approved, 120 VAC/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Data Storage/ Recall 3,000 Measurements
Statistical Analysis Max, Min, Range, Mean, SigmaN, Sigma, Cp, Cpk, % Error, -NoGo, +NoGo
Histogram Lower Set Limit, Upper Set Limit, 10 Divisions
Printer/Computer Serial Output Port RS232 (True), 300-19.2K Baud
Computer Serial Com Port RS232 (True), 300-19.2K Baud (Optional)
Analog Output +(CW/-(CW) 1.8 V at Transducer Full Range Linearity, ±1% of  reading
Loader Control Relays Two, Normally Open, Form A, Rated 12 DVC @ 1/2 A close contact at 110% CW or CCW or torque/force transducer range
Loader Hand Crank Input torque 8 ft-lb Maximum, Output Torque 2,000 ft-lb Maximum
Motorized Loader Modes  —
Motorized Loader Power Supply  —