Snapon-Torque-Metric Torque Instruments

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Metric Torque Instruments

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• Accurate to ±4% clockwise and ±6% counterclockwise from 20–100% of full scale

• Snap-on® high-strength sealed ratchet head; sealed ratchet heads keep out dirt and moisture while being virtually maintenance-free

• Each torque instrument, as calibrated at the factory, is certified to meet the accuracy specified in ASME® and was calibrated on a torque standard traceable to the National Institute of Standards Technology (NIST®)

• Minimal-friction “Hour Glass” cam: unique cam design minimizes friction due to reduced contact area between the cam and internal tube wall

• Easy-to-read laser etched scale

(kg m, kg cm)                      
Square Drive, inches Stock No. Head Style Gear
Range, min Range, max Increments Length, inches Head Width, inches Head Depth, inches Storage
Repair Kit
 3/8 QD2RM1000A Flex Head 80 4.5º 200 kg•cm 1,000 kg•cm 5 kg•cm  15-9/16  1-5/32  9/16 PBQD2 RKRF80
 1/2 QD3RM30A Fixed Ratchet 80 4.5º 6 kg•m 30 kgm .2 kgm 19  1-5/8  3/4 PBQD3 RKRS80A