Snapon-3/8" Drive Tools-TORX Heavy Duty Removal, chrome (3/8")

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TORX Heavy Duty Removal, chrome (3/8")

Torx® Bit Sockets

209EFTXBY 9 pc Combination Drive TORX® Bit Heavy Duty Removal Socket Set
• Includes 1/4" drive and 3/8??drive (9 pc) (T15,T20, T25, T27, T30, T40, T45, T50 and T55)
• Tapered profile provides better engagement on stubborn fasteners
• Includes magnetic storage tray

# Stock No. B
T27 FTXB27E  1-13/16 FTXB27E2
T30 FTXB30E  1-13/16 FTXB30E2
T40 FTXB40E  1-13/16 FTXB40E2
T45 FTXB45E  2-1/16 FTXB45E2
T50 FTXB50E  2-1/16 FTXB50E2
T55 FTXB55E  2-1/64 FTXB55E2