Snapon-3/8" Drive Tools-PIT2230E Set.

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PIT2230E Set.

36 pc 3/8" Drive Impact Driver Set

• Includes PIT120 Impact Driver plus all sockets, screwdrivers and replacement bits (36 pc) conveniently displayed in a storage tray that fits in the KRA142 metal box



Stock No. Description
PIT120 Impact Driver
FA6E 3/8 Drive SAE 3/16w Standard Hex Bit Socket
FA7E 3/8 Drive SAE 7/32w Standard Hex Bit Socket
FA8E 3/8 Drive SAE 1/4w Standard Hex Bit Socket
FA10E 3/8 Drive SAE 5/16w Standard Hex Bit Socket
FA12E 3/8 Drive SAE 3/8w Standard Hex Bit Socket
F42E 3/8 Drive Short Flat Tip Bit Socket
F52E Short Flat Tip Driver
F62E 3/8w Drive Short Flat Tip Bit Socket
FP22E #2 PHILLIPS® Bit Socket
FP42E 3/8" Drive PHILLIPS® #4 Long Tip Bit Socket
F29E Clutch Driver
F30E Clutch Driver
FPD22E 3/8?? Drive Pozidriv® #2 Tip Bit Socket
IMF120A 6-Point Shallow Impact Socket
IMF140A 3/8" Drive 6-Point SAE 7/16" Flank Drive® Shallow Impact Socket
IMF160 3/8" Drive 6-Point SAE 1/2 Flank Drive® Shallow Impact Socket
IMF180 3/8" Drive 6-Point SAE 9/16 Flank Drive® Shallow Impact Socket
IMF200 6-Point Shallow Impact Socket
IMF220 6-Point Shallow Impact Socket
IMF240 6-Point Shallow Impact Socket
GF22 Drag Link Socket
KRA142B Metal Storage Case