Snapon-Air-PHG1540K 6 pc Interchangeable Tip

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PHG1540K 6 pc Interchangeable Tip

Air Hammer Bit Sets

PHG1540K 6 pc Interchangeable Tip,
Air Hammer Bit Set

• Three different shaft lengths makes accessing hard to reach places safer and easier
• Quick change head design with three different material tips (steel, aluminum, nylon)
• Choose appropriate hammer head material to reduce damage to vulnerable areas
• Worn out tips are easily replaceable
• Comes with nylon pouch to keep kit components together


Stock No. Description
PHG1540-18 18" Hammer Shaft
PHG1540-6 6" Hammer Shaft
PHG1540-9 9" Hammer Shaft
PHG1540-ALM Aluminum Hammer Head
PHG1540-BAG Hammer Set Canvas Pouch
PHG1540-NYL Nylon Hammer Head
PHG1540-STL Steel Hammer Head