Snapon-Air-PH3050BRCH4 Super Duty Set

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PH3050BRCH4 Super Duty Set

Super-Duty Air Hammers

• Dual elastomer cushions absorb shock and vibration, reducing user fatigue

• Phenolic (Kevlar®-reinforced) flutter disc provides long life

• Direct multiport front exhaust keeps air and debris away from user

• High-grade steel barrel provides greater strength

• Variable-speed soft-touch trigger provides featherability for greater control

• Four-position built-in air regulator varies power for different applications

• Air line screen helps prevent foreign particles from clogging trigger mechanism

• Hardened steel piston delivers harder blows for maximum impact

• Set includes Air hammer (PH3050BR), Quick Change Retainer (PH200D), Flat Chisel (PHG55A),Panel Cutter (PHG57B), Tapered Punch (PHG59A) and Muffler Cutter (PHG87)

Stock No. Description
PH3050BR Super-Duty Air Hammer
PH200D Universal Quick Change Chuck Retainer
PHG55A Air Hammer Flat Chisel
PHG57A Air Hammer Double Bladed Panel Cutter
PHG59A Air Hammer Tapered Punch
PHG87A Muffler Cutter
PB1D Storage Case