Snapon-Air-DBCL105B Left - Hand Fractional Drill Bits

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DBCL105B Left - Hand Fractional Drill Bits

Specialized Drill Bits

Left-Hand Fractional Drill Bits (Cobalt)
• Left hand drill bits tend to loosen screws for easier removal

DBCL105B 5 pc Left Hand Cobalt Drill Bit Set
• Set includes DBCL5/64B, DBCL7/64B, DBCL5/32B,
DBCL1/4B and DBCL19/64B drill bits
• Organized in a plastic pouch

Stock No. Size, inches Stock No. Size, inches
DBCL5/64B 5/64 DBCL5/16A 5/16
DBCL7/64B 7/64 DBCL11/32A
DBCL5/32B 5/32 DBCL3/8A 3/8
DBCL3/16A 3/16 DBCL13/32A 13/32
DBCL1/4B 1/4 DBCL7/16A 7/16
DBCL9/32A 9/32 DBCL15/32A 15/32
DBCL19/64B 19/64 DBCL1/2A 1/2