Snapon-Air-CSE485B Reduced Shank Drill Bits 118° Point

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CSE485B Reduced Shank Drill Bits 118° Point

Specialized Drill Bits

1/2" Reduced Shank Drill Bits-118° Point
• Ideal for cutting in low and medium tensile strength materials
• Flatted shank provides a more secure grip for the drill chuck

Stock No. Size, inches Stock No. Size, inches
CSE345B 17/32 CSE475* 45/64
CSE365B   CSE485B  
CSE375* 37/64 CSE505B 25/32
CSE385B 19/32 CSE525B 13/16
CSE405B   CSE565B  
CSE425B 21/32 CSE575* 59/64
CSE445B   CSE605B 15/16
CSE465B 23/32 CSE645B