Snapon-Wrenches-TORX Extra Long Hex Key Set, (T9-T40)

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TORX Extra Long Hex Key Set, (T9-T40)


• ProGuard™ finish offers five times more corrosion resistance than competitor finishes

• Tools are made of Protanium® High-Torque Steel, which is 20% stronger than standard grades of steel

• Keys are up to 30% longer than standard-length keys to reach the most difficult locations

• Straight, vertical sidewalls increase tool engagement

• Fits all TORX® and Star fastener

Stock No. Hex Diameter Size (TORX®) A B AWTXL8
AWTXL8-T9 T9 4 0.74
AWTXL8-T10 T10 4.25 0.81
AWTXL8-T15 T15 4.6 0.88
AWTXL8-T20 T20 4.95 0.94
AWTXL8-T25 T25 5.61 1.03
AWTXL8-T27 T27 6.02 1.18
AWTXL8-T30 T30 6.496 1.26
AWTXL8-T40 T40 7 1.46