Snapon-Wrenches-Standard Handle, 0° Offset Head Wrench Set

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Standard Handle, 0° Offset Head Wrench Set


• TORX® profile of box end is designed to achieve maximum engagement of all TORX® fastener profile heights

• 0° handle offset of box-end minimizes risk of slipping off of fasteners when applying torque, and damaging fastener as a result

• Manufactured from special alloy steel, precision-forged, and heat treated for optimum strength and durability

• Nickel-chrome plating helps protect against corrosion and makes it easy to wipe clean

# Stock No A C E ETX705
E5–E6 ETX0506 17/64–5/16 5/32–11/64 4-41/64
E7–E8 ETX0708 21/64–3/8 7/32–15/64 5-15/32
E10–E12 ETX1012 29/64–35/64 1/4–19/64 6-13/32
E14–E16 ETX1416 5/8–23/32 11/32–23/64 7-1/2
E18–E20 ETX1820 13/16–57/64 13/32–7/16 8-37/64