Snapon-Set Building-9100GSBO Complete Apprentice Set

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9100GSBO Complete Apprentice Set

U.S. Apprentice Set

• Includes 9100GSO and the KRA2055FPBO Top Chest

Stock no. Description
106BTMX 6 pc 1/4" Drive Knurled Extension Set
124STTMM 1/4" Drive 6-Point Metric Flank Drive Shallow/deep Socket Set
206AFX 6 pc 3/8" Drive Knurled Extension Set
209EFTXBY 9 pc Combination Drive TORX Bit Heavy Duty Removal Socket Set
210EFTAMY 10 pc 1/4 and 3/8" Drive Metric Standard Hex Bit Socket Set
224SFFSM 24 pc 3/8" Drive Metric 6-Point Flank Drive Shallow/Deep Combination Socket Set
AWP120 Adj. Joint Pliers
CSA8CR 7-5/8" Rigid Carbon Scraper
EECT4H Circuit Tester
F80 3/8" Drive Dual 80 Technology Standard Handle Ratchet
FLF80A 3/8" Drive Dual 80 Technology Long Handle Flex-Head  Ratchet
FU80B Universal Joint
GLASS30R Safety glasses
HBBD24 24 oz Ball Peen Dead Blow Soft Grip Handle Hammer
OEXM710B 10 pc 12-Point Metric Combination Wrench set
Stock no. Description
PHT5 Telescopic Magnetic Pickup Tool(Blue-Point)
PL400B 4 pc Pliers/Cutters Set
PWCS7CF Wire Stripper/Cutter/Crimper
S9706KA 3/8" Drive 6-Point SAE 5/8" Standard Spark Plug Socket
S9714MK 3/8" Drive 12-Ppoint Metric 14 mm Flank Drive Standard Spark Plug Socket
SGA173BR 10.30" Soft Grip Radiator Hose Pick
SGASA204CR 4 pc Soft Grip Miniature Pick Set
SGDX60BR 6 pc Combination Instinct Soft Grip Screwdriver Set
SOXRRM710 10 pc Metric Flank Drive Plus Reversible Ratcheting Combination Wrench Set
SPBS704A 4 pc Striking Prybar Set
T72 1/4" Drive Dual 80 Technology Standard Handle Ratchet
TF72 1/4" Drive Dual 80 Technology Standard Handle Flex-Head  Ratchet
TMU8B 1/4" Drive Universal Joint
TPMA12 12' Tape Rule
UIM225 Telescoping Inspection Mirror(Blue-Point)
UTK150 Auto loading Utility Knife
YA160A Ear Protectors(Blue-Point)