Snapon-Screwdrivers-TORX® Tamper-Resistant Power Bit

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TORX® Tamper-Resistant Power Bit

Power Bits

 1/4" hex power bits are ideal for use with all types of cordless power tools

• For use on tamper-resistant TORX®? fasteners (T8-T30)

• Applications include seat belt mounts and brackets, steering columns and wheels, roll cages, exterior mirror mounts, MAF sensors, trailers and plumbing

• Made in USA from tough alloy steel

Stock No # Length, Inches
SDMTR308 T8 1-15/16
SDMTR310 T10 1-15/16
SDMTR315 T15 1-15/16
SDMTR320 T20 1-15/16
SDMTR325 T25 1-15/16
SDMTR327 T27 1-15/16
SDMTR330 T30 1-15/16