Snapon-Screwdrivers-TORX Long Soft Handle Screwdriver Set

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TORX Long Soft Handle Screwdriver Set

Torx® Tip Soft Handle Instinct®

• Offers more torque with less cam-out

• Longer exposed lengths provide access to difficult to reach fasteners such as headlight/taillight assemblies

• Thin blade diameters provide optimal clearance while alloy offers strength to handle torque/turning force

• Solid TORX® tip is stronger than a tamper-resistant TORX® tip

Red Orange Green A B C D Red Orange Green
SGDTX1008BR SGDTX1008BO SGDTX1008BG T8 3/16 10 14-1/8
SGDTX1010BR SGDTX1010BO SGDTX1010BG T10 3/16 10 14-1/8
SGDTX1015BR SGDTX1015BO SGDTX1015BG T15 3/16 10 14-1/8
SGDTX1020BR SGDTX1020BO SGDTX1020BG T20 3/16 10 14-1/8
SGDTX1225BR SGDTX1225BO SGDTX1225BG T25 1/4 12 16-7/8
SGDTX1227BR SGDTX1227BO SGDTX1227BG T27 1/4 12 16-7/8
SGDTX1230BR SGDTX1230BO SGDTX1230BG T30 1/4 12 16-7/8