Snapon-Screwdrivers-SGD Series Screwdrivers

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SGD Series Screwdrivers

Ratcheting Screwdrivers

• High-quality, interchangeable knurled stainless steel shanks
• Strong magnetic bit retention
• Smooth ratcheting mechanism (U.S. Patent 7,213,491)
• Soft, solvent-resistant handle material provides a comfortable, non-slip surface (Patent 421,888)
• “Thumbs Up” forward/lock/reverse lever for easy directional changes


All Handles
• Soft, solvent-resistant cover material to provide a positive gripping surface
• “Thumbs up” forward/reverse lever for quick directional changes
• High quality knurled stainless steel shanks
• Contoured thumb stop at base of handle helps user apply maximum pressure to the fastener
• Smooth ratcheting mechanism
• Use with any SGDMRC series interchangeable blades and shanks
• Patented ergonomic handle shape provides comfort and control
• Comfort crown of handle cap provides low-friction surface for palm while turning

5-Position Handle
• Features 0°, 30° and 60° locking positions for optimal ergonomics (U.S. Patent 7,481,135)
• Designed for right or left-hand operation
• Handle stores up to (7) insert bits Stubby Handle
• Compact size for limited clearance applications
• No bit storage in handle Standard Handle
• Cap functions as a bit holder when working in tight quarters
• Handle stores up to 10 bits