Snapon-Screwdrivers-Non-Marring Prybars

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Non-Marring Prybars


• Made from tough, reinforced nylon
• Ideal for removing clips, fasteners, molding or gaskets from interior/exterior applications
• Will not damage delicate surfaces unlike metal removal tools
• Lightweight and resistant to most automotive fluids
• Block end allows use with hammer

Stock No. Length, Inches Tip Width, Inches Tip Style PBN500
PBN1 6-3/4 5/8 Narrow Wedge
PBN2 6-3/4 15/16 Wide Wedge
PBN3 6-3/4 7/8 Narrow Fork
PBN5 6-3/4 1-3/16 Wide Fork
PBN7 6-3/4 1-3/8 Flat Fork
PBN15 6-3/4 1-1/4 90º