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Compact Slimline Soft Grip Hammer

Dead Blow

Incorporates our new microcellular soft grip handle, a softer, more comfortable energy absorbing material. Applications: Main bearing caps, dust caps, smalller objects, custom bikes and tighter applications that standard dead blow hammers will not fit Slimline Dead Blow incorporates our new microcellular
soft grip handle, a softer more comfortable energy absorbing material.
• Microcellular Grip and Composite Shank – Delivers a comfortable, secure grip and dampens the vibration to the users hand
• Smaller Face – For more concentrated blows
• Longer Head Profile – For extended reach
• Internal Steel Canister with Free Flowing Shot Design –Delivers maximum dead blow action
• Multi-position Hand Grip – Helps user “choke up” in tighter work areas
• Wide Flare at End of Handle – Helps prevent hammer from slipping out of hand
Applications: Main Bearing Caps, Dust Caps, Smaller Objects, Custom Bikes, Tighter Applications that Standard Dead Blow Hammers will not fit and Extended Reach Applications.

Stock No.  Weight, oz Face Dia., Inches Length, Inches
HBSE10 10 1-1/4 10-5/8
HBSE20 20 1-3/8 11-1/8
HBSE30 30 1-1/2 12-3/8