Snapon-Punches,Hammers-Chisel Set

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Chisel Set

Punches and Chisels

• Designed for use with steel and steel-faced hammers

• Handle provides a non-slip surface and safety shoulder to prevent contacting the metal blade

• Forged blade is precision ground and honed for strength and blade edge maintenance

• Blades are varnished for rust prevention

• Blades are marked with size designation

• Blade has long edge taper and extra 10° in the tip which ensures proper sharpness

• Blade can be ground for sharpening over three-quarters of its length

• Set includes composite edge guards and nylon pouch; CHSL25O (1/4" Chisel), CHSL50O (1/2" Chisel), CHSL75O (3/4" Chisel), CHSL100O (1" Chisel) and CHSLPCH (nylon pouch)

Stock No.  Description Tip Width, Inches (mm) Red Orange Green 
CHSL25R Striking Chisel, Red 1/4 (6.35)    
CHSL25O Striking Chisel, Orange 1/4 (6.35)    
CHSL25G Striking Chisel, Green 1/4 (6.35)    
CHSL50R Striking Chisel, Red 1/2 (12.7)    
CHSL50O Striking Chisel, Orange 1/2 (12.7)    
CHSL50G Striking Chisel, Green 1/2 (12.7)    
CHSL75R Striking Chisel, Red 3/4 (19.05)    
CHSL75O Striking Chisel, Orange 3/4 (19.05)    
CHSL75G Striking Chisel, Green 3/4 (19.05)    
CHSL100R Striking Chisel, Red 1 (25.4)    
CHSL100O Striking Chisel, Orange 1 (25.4)    
CHSL100G Striking Chisel, Green 1 (25.4)