Snapon-Pliers-Standard Diagonal Cutters

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Standard Diagonal Cutters

Cutters (Red)

• Quality forged steel ensures tools that will provide years of service
• Differential heat treatment produces the strength and toughness in desired areas to withstand repeated tough cutting jobs
• Handles are designed for comfort and to deliver leverage needed to tackle demanding jobs

Stock No.  Description  Handle Style (A)  Jaw Length, inches (B)  Length, inches (C)
84CF Diagonal Cutters (4-3/4") Bowed 3/8 4-3/4
85ACF Diagonal Cutters (5") Bowed 9/16 5
86ACF 6" Diagonal Cutter Bowed 3/4 6-5/16
86EP Pistol Grip Diagonal Cutters (6-5/16") Pistol 3/4 6-5/16
87ACF 7-3/8" Diagonal Cutter Bowed 13/16 7-3/8