Snapon-Pliers-Screw Starters and Screwdriver Shanks

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Screw Starters and Screwdriver Shanks

Nonconductive Composite Tools

• No conductive path to user
• No insulation to puncture, tear or wear through
• Every tool is individually tested to protect up to 1,000 V AC and 1,500 V DC
• Snap-on® nonconductive tools are UL® listed, assuring compliance to IEC® 60900

Stock No. Handle Type Handle Diameter, inches Tip Style Tip Width Size Length, inches
CSSC9 Composite  9/32 Flat Tip/PHILLIPS® .032 x 9/32, #2 9
SGDMRC4-C6 Composite Magnetic Bit Holder  3/8  7-1/4