Snapon-Pliers-Cushion Throat Cutters

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Cushion Throat Cutters

Cutters (Red)

• Urethane insert in jaws captures clipped material, reducing the likelihood of work environment contamination
• Retention of wire clippings enhances worker safety by preventing projectile material from being scattered throughout the worksite
• Handles are designed for comfort and deliver the leverage needed to tackle the most demanding jobs
• Quality forged steel ensures tools will provide years of service

Stock No.  Description  Handle Style   Jaw Length, inches (B)  Overall Length, inches ©
84CFCTA Diagonal Cutter Bowed 3/8 4-3/4
86ACFCT Diagonal Cutter Bowed 3/4 6-5/16
388ACFCT High Leverage Diagonal Cutters Bowed 1-1/16 8-5/16
87ACFCT High Leverage Diagonal Cutter Bowed 13/16 7-3/8
P87150CT True Flush Cut Oval Cutter Bowed 17/32 5-3/16