Snapon-Pliers-Combination Slip Joint Pliers

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Combination Slip Joint Pliers

For Adjustable Jaw

• Combination Pliers feature a riveted, three position slip joint with diamond serrated jaws for maximum versatility and increased gripping capability

• Talon Grip™ Long Nose Pliers provide up to 57% increase in pulling power with a relocated joint, optimized handle shape and diamond serrated jaws

• Teeth are machined and hardened, not stamped, so they are sharp and strong like file teeth

• Manufactured from special cold forged steel with higher alloy content for a higher degree of durability and strength

• Shear Cutter—provides a smoother cut, less hand pressure needed

• Longer Contoured Handle—provides more comfort and better leverage

• Cushion grips provide comfort, control and power


Stock No. Description Length, inches (A) Jaw Thickness, Inches (B) Talon Grip
44ACF Combination Slip Joint 4-1/2 15/64
46ACF Combination Slip Joint 6-7/16 23/64
47ACF* Combination Slip Joint 8-1/4 7/16
49ACF Combination Slip Joint 9-1/4 1/2